Friday, April 1, 2011

BEDA: Take 3

Sooooooo it's April.

Which means ONE thing: BEDA.

The first year was epic and I wrote [almost] every day.

Last year was a failure.

But it's okay.

Cause year THREE is what it's all about. I have plans, I have theme days, I am DETERMINED.

Unfortunately, it's 11:44 and my plan for today is never going to happen. So what I planned for today, will be up tomorrow and my plan for tomorrow is up today.

basically, this is just the intro. This is where I say, hi, it's me, and i'm blogging - really.

I miss blogging. I LIKE blogging. So BEDA is the perfect month to get back into that swing.

Unlike most BEDAers, I have RULES.

1. I must post by 11:59pm EST everyday.
2. I allow myself THREE passes, in which I must *still* blog and say why I am using my pass.
3. I must say why today was awesome.

These are very simple rules. I am not that complex. I must blog and I must say why today is awesome, because there is awesome in every day.

This year, I am doing THEME days to help me come up with topics, because that was my downfall in '09. By the end of week one, I was like, "uhhh today i did not get out of bed. tomorrow i will." and it was BORING. So I am spicing up this years.

Fridays are Friday Reads. Except, tomorrow will be Friday Reads and you will get some YA book fun from me.

I have themes for Monday - Friday, which is good, because those are the days I school and don't work. Saturday and Sunday are... whatevers. I kind of want themes for Saturday and Sunday, but I can't think of anything. I am EXCITED for my themes though. They are awesome. Beyond awesome. Super duper awesome.

And now I am rambling, so I must go.

Saturday, I will see you tomorrow.

Today is awesome because..... uhhh... today kind of sucked. like a lot. but I skipped Spanish and slept in. So that's why it's awesome? OH. I KNOW. I watched the new HP scene from DH2. THAT'S why today is awesome.

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