Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter = Doctor

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved Easter. Christmas is cool, Thanksgiving is alright, but Easter? Easter is awesome.

I loved being able to wear my dress to church and my hat and get lots and lots of candy. It was the ultimate holiday.

Until 2005.

Before Easter in 2005, we all went shopping for new church clothes. It was great because my mom finally caved and let me get pants instead of skirts/dresses [I was in a weird phase]. On Palm Sunday, we were having coffee after service and the pastor came in to announce the Adult Sunday school session, which was on adultery. He made a joke about how "we know all about it" and a few people laughed.

My mother, who is quite liberal, but does not condone adultery, was very annoyed. That was it. She had enough.

After Easter, she was doing going to church. If we, me and my sisters, wanted to go, we could.

We all stopped going.

I was already losing my faith in Christianity and starting to lean towards Judaism.

Easter then just became... annoying? We would have to go to church, and deal with dressing up and Grandparents.

Last year, I was in PARIS for Easter. It was awesome. I even went to church and lit a candle for my cousin, who dreamed of Paris.

Last year, Easter meant more than just a holiday I don't believe in. It meant DOCTOR WHO. I had been watching an episode a day leading up to the premiere of season 5 and the NEW Doctor. I was so excited.

This year, it meant Doctor Who AGAIN, which is the real reason for this post.

Last night was AWESOME. The Impossible Astronaut is yet to be solved, but I can't wait.

That's what I love about this show, from one episode to the next, I can't wait. I'm addicted to knowing what's going to come next in his story.

I can tell you that I am NOT happy that Moffat decided to do a two-parter as the premiere. I think that was a mistake. It's a great technique for all the new American watchers, but still. What about all your loyal watchers in England?

It was a great episode, but is it Saturday yet?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

BEDA5: Twitter Tuesday


Today has royally sucked. I had pretty much also decided that maybe I *was* too busy to do BEDA.

But then I got yelled at by one of my amazing twitter and blog followers, so here I am, day 5, doing BEDA.

Lucky for my amazing follower/friend, it's Twitter Tuesday!

Now: my plan for Twitter Tuesday was to pick a trending topic, or something that happened on Twitter and discuss it, but today I think I'll talk about Twitter in general and my love for it.

It happened in 2009 when I was updating my status WAY too much on facebook and my friends were getting really annoyed. So I signed up for twitter. It was a match made in heaven and I have never been happier.

Twitter's not just about updating your status for me, it's a way I connect to the YA world, the Potter world, and so many other worlds. It's how I "stalk" my favourite authors, businesses, and stay on top of world news - seriously. I follow news sites and get news sent to ME. It's awesome.

Fortunately for me, I have found so much more on twitter than just following authors and businesses - I found some amazing friendships. I've reconnected to people I used to know, stayed in contact with my friends from 3,500 miles away, and made livelong friendships.

I don't know who I would be without twitter. I missed twitter when I lived in England and was rarely on it. Now, I can't imagine my life without it. I really can't. It's brought me such joy and wisdom and... i don't even know what else.

Twitter, you mean the world to me and I would be lost without you.

Today is awesome because.... my friend in my fiction class was the ONLY ONE to get my story. Which rocked.
Bagels eaten this month: 6

Sunday, April 3, 2011

No Homework?

Oh hai, 11pm, we meet again.

There used to be a time when 11pm was early. Now, I wish I could be in bed by 8pm and asleep by 10pm, but alas, I am in college, and life doesn't work that way.

As I retreated to my room tonight to do homework [that is left undone... ] my mother noted that next year, I will graduate, and there will be no more homework, and what will i *do*?

Well, mother, after I get my BA, i am getting my MFA, and eventually, my PhD. So it will be a WHILE before I don't have anymore homework.

But I like the idea of it.

No more homework.

I have a feeling I will still be calling my work "homework" though. #professionalstudent

TODAY IS AWESOME because..... i has butterbeer and it is actually yummy and not crap like usual.
Total Bagel eaten this month: 4

Friday, April 1, 2011

BEDA: Take 3

Sooooooo it's April.

Which means ONE thing: BEDA.

The first year was epic and I wrote [almost] every day.

Last year was a failure.

But it's okay.

Cause year THREE is what it's all about. I have plans, I have theme days, I am DETERMINED.

Unfortunately, it's 11:44 and my plan for today is never going to happen. So what I planned for today, will be up tomorrow and my plan for tomorrow is up today.

basically, this is just the intro. This is where I say, hi, it's me, and i'm blogging - really.

I miss blogging. I LIKE blogging. So BEDA is the perfect month to get back into that swing.

Unlike most BEDAers, I have RULES.

1. I must post by 11:59pm EST everyday.
2. I allow myself THREE passes, in which I must *still* blog and say why I am using my pass.
3. I must say why today was awesome.

These are very simple rules. I am not that complex. I must blog and I must say why today is awesome, because there is awesome in every day.

This year, I am doing THEME days to help me come up with topics, because that was my downfall in '09. By the end of week one, I was like, "uhhh today i did not get out of bed. tomorrow i will." and it was BORING. So I am spicing up this years.

Fridays are Friday Reads. Except, tomorrow will be Friday Reads and you will get some YA book fun from me.

I have themes for Monday - Friday, which is good, because those are the days I school and don't work. Saturday and Sunday are... whatevers. I kind of want themes for Saturday and Sunday, but I can't think of anything. I am EXCITED for my themes though. They are awesome. Beyond awesome. Super duper awesome.

And now I am rambling, so I must go.

Saturday, I will see you tomorrow.

Today is awesome because..... uhhh... today kind of sucked. like a lot. but I skipped Spanish and slept in. So that's why it's awesome? OH. I KNOW. I watched the new HP scene from DH2. THAT'S why today is awesome.