Monday, June 4, 2012

Raindrops in My Ketchup: A #twinantics Story




If you follow me on twitter, you know I have a twin. Laura. You can find her here.

SO. She is with me this week for BEA. Except we did not BEA today. We were TOURISTS today.

My ORIGINAL plan was to take her to Central Park first thing in the AM while it was only slightly warm and not super warm. Then it rained. and it didn't just rain; it RAINED.

So that went out the window.

Instead, we went to the NYPL and looked around and I had Find the Future flashbacks and all was well. Then, since we were so close to Times Square, we went there. By now the rain wasn't so bad, but it was still raining. This was awesome because it was not full of tourists. Then we walked down to Madison Square Park and SHAKE SHACK.

Some backstory: when I asked my twin what she wanted to do in NYC, she didn't say the Statue of Liberty or Central Park or any NORMAL tourist attractions. She asked to see The Strand and eat at Shake Shack. This is why I love my twin.

So we go to Shake Shack, where there is normally a HUGE line. Today, due to rain, there is NO line. We order or shakes and our food and go to sit on a WET bench in the park. Then Laura says to put down the bags our umbrellas were in to keep our butts dry. How smart is my twin? So we're eating and Laura is scaring the feral squirrels with her quirky umbrella when the rain starts to really get going. Then a raindrop DROPED INTO MY KETCHUP. Needless to say, NYC rain is not always CLEAN so I was not PLEASED. This is when I opened my umbrella and held it over us as we ate in the rain. I do wish there was I picture of this. It was adorable.

After that, I took Laura down into the Subway for the first time and we saw The Strand and I got HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE - FIRST EDITION and she went into the rare book room and smelled the amazing rare books and then took a picture of me loving my new Harry book.

I will never get tired of buying and owning Harry Potter books. EVER.

Thankfully, the rain finally stopped and we got coffee at starbucks and took the subway crazy places getting slightly misplaced around the east side until we ate Maureen Johnson's favourite cupcakes.

On our way downtown to go back to Jersey, we were STOPPED. Why? Oh, 'cause Obama is in town and his motorcade was passing through. Twin has officially experienced my rockstar life. These things just HAPPEN to me. and now she knows. I don't plan them.

But now my computer is freaking out that I have worked it for an hour and I am going to go to bed and not sleep because it is nearly my birthday and BEA.