Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lucky 7... and #ohheycharlie

I got tagged. Twice.

By the amazing Kenzie Audacious and the lovely Sarrah Kaliski.

1. Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript.
2. Go to line 7.
3. Post on your blog the next 7 lines or sentences - as they are.
4. Tag 7 other people to do the same.

NOW. I only have 6 pages. So we're going to take the 7th paragraph on the 3rd page from...



#OhHeyCharlie is about a boy [Charlie] who meets a girl. She's awesome. Then his best friend [the girl he's loved for six years] tells him that she loves him. Dilemma? I think yes.

   “Do you know Derek?” She asked, turning to my stunned roommate.

   “I do. I told you someone would know who I was.” Amy-Pond-look-a-like contorted her face in question.
    “I adore Doctor Who. She placed a hand to her heart, Main reason I’m Amy Pond is because I love it and the Doctor and I knew only awesome people would know who I am. Derek said he recognized me from somewhere.”
    “Let’s Kill Hitler.” I automatically responded. It was one of my favorite episodes from the fifth season and this brilliant beauty had done a great job.  She was even wearing an A necklace. She blinked a few times quickly.
      I shrugged. “I try.” 
      Derek fidgeted. I could tell he was getting annoyed. I can’t break guy code, even if I want to. Without saying goodbye, I walked away. Leave them always wanting more. And if this girl was anything like the real Amy, she’d find me soon enough.


UNFORTUNATELY, this bit will never be in the final version. Mostly because I am taking the whole Doctor Who thing out. So you know. You guys get to read it, still.

I AM TAGGING Laura, my twin, Brianna, my childhood friend and the amazing Lynn Weingarten, because I want more SSH.


Keep smiling.