Monday, May 20, 2013

3 Months... and Counting

Last week, my boyfriend and I hit three months of being together. 

The weekend marked four months since he first kissed me. 

I have only been with someone for three months once before E. And that relationship ended shortly ended after the three month mark. This is the longest I have ever been with the same person. 

Basically, I'm seriously heading into new territory. 

That first relationship, which lasted three and half months, was childish and high school. While I loved it, it was very frustrating to be with that person, even though I adored him and he cared for me greatly. He was my hero when I needed him and I am grateful for that. I may not be alive today without him in my life then. In the end, we were better friends and we still are friends. 

That was five and a half years ago. 

I've changed a lot since that relationship. I've grown up, experienced a lot of things and dated more people than I'd like to admit. 

Since that relationship, my love life was either non-existant, or I was dating, but no one wanted to settle into a relationship with me. 

Three years ago, I thought I found it - my person, "the one." He was the first person to date me who automatically accepted me for who I was. In fact, he loved that I was nerdy - and he told me this frequently. I was in new territory with him, and I loved every minute of it. Never before had someone adored me, cared for me, and protected me like he did. It was a perfect English boy/American girl romance. Unfortunately, leaving England was a deal breaker. We parted ways and... I wish we hadn't. To this day, he does not even talk to me. 

Late Summer of 2011, we did reconnect and picked up where we left off - 3,500 miles apart. Not only did we pick up, but we got deep, and fast. I thought, again, that I was going to spend the rest of my life with him. 

The first time we were together, it was only for six weeks. The second time was a little longer, two and a half months, but I just knew. He was still it for me. 

Then he broke my heart. 

He broke my heart so much that I stopped believing in love. I grew to accept that I was destined to be alone forever, and I was okay with that. 

I was okay with that for a while, but loneliness happens. 

Just as I was starting to get back into dating, I met my E. 

Basically, I'm one of the luckiest girls in the world. He's accepted me for who I am, fangirl, slightly insane person and all. 

Now that we've hit three months, we're getting into territory I've never hit before. My English boy and I skipped everything that I'm experiencing with E. I feel so lucky because he works WITH me on everything that happens in our relationship. I haven't just found someone to adore and care about, but I've found a partner. 

When I was getting lonely, I told my friends that I didn't just want a boyfriend, I wanted a companion. I've found this with E. I've found someone to watch TV with and go out to dinner with. I've found someone I can talk to about anything. He lives locally, which is something I've always had an issue with. My more serious dating ex's were always long distance. Again, new territory. I love that I get to see E twice a week. I love that I *could* see him every day if I wanted to. I love that I can [and do] text him whenever I want, about whatever I want. 

Not gonna lie, I love texting him the RANDOMEST things I can think of. And he's still with me. 

I swear, I'm borderline psycho, but he's gotta be borderline psycho as well to deal with me. 

He doesn't just deal with me, he's dealt with me, willingly, for the past FOUR months. 

I am seriously the luckiest girl in the world to have him. 

I'm excited [and let's face it, terrified] to experience the next chapter in our relationship. I know as we hit certain milestones, he'll be there for me, working with me to develop this relationship. I don't think I've ever been this happy in my life. 

It's truly an amazing thing to have a partner. Truly, truly amazing. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Office: How I Fell in Love with a TV Show

Eight years ago, I had a crush on the CUTEST guy in high school.

I found out his favorite show was The Office and couldn't believe it. This kid was super smart. How could he like a dumb show?

Then, in the fall of 2008, I left my TV on and The Office came on [I believe TBS, but how it was syndicated in 2008, I have no idea.] and I watched The Fire. I thought I'd see why he loved this show so much.

I could not believe how good it was. It was smart. It was funny.

Most importantly, it made me LAUGH. It is VERY rare to make laugh at a TV show. I have a unique sense of humor and most shows don't truly capture that. The Office does.

I remember sitting on the edge of my bed, falling in love with a TV show. I started watching The Office that night. And I haven't stopped watching.

Since falling in love with it, with Jim and Pam, with Michael Scott, with Andy, with the writing, with Thursdays at 9pm, it's been a HUGE part of my life. I bought the season DVDs. I watched them more times than I can count. I still watch them. I still laugh.

I'm still in love.

Falling in love is easy, it's staying in love that's the hard part. 

Tonight, at 9pm, I watched The Office live for the final time.

I was scared about Jim and Pam. I was happy to see Michael Scott. I laughed. I cried. I was genuinely happy for Andy for finding a dream job... then realizing that he just left his dream job.

The writing of The Office this season has been fantastic. They did SUCH an excellent job of wrapping up the season and their stories without forgetting the drama, the laughs or the love - or that Dwight should finally be the manager of Dunder Mifflin.

I could not have asked for a better series finale. So many of my shows get cancelled before they can actually shoot a series finale and I am quite grateful we knew the end of coming.

Before this season, I was ready to see it go. Season 8 was.. terrible. But they came back last fall knowing it was the end. I was like a kid on Christmas Eve every Thursday and I couldn't wait to wake up Friday morning and watch The Office. I fell in love with The Office all over again this season.

I love these characters. I love the stories. I love Michael and Pam and Jim and Dwight and everyone.

Tonight, Pam asked the Doc makers, "How did you do it? How did you capture it?"

I don't think they planned it. I don't think the BBC or Ricky Gervais planned for this American adaptation to explode and take on a life of it's own the way it did.

"The ordinary is beautiful." Pam says, about their doc. I agree Pam. You think it's about an office, an office that sells PAPER. But it's not about the office or the paper - it's about The People, ordinary people who have regular lives: affairs, lost love, drama, heartache, romance, marital problems, laughs, tears, ups, downs, deaths, weddings... it's life, capture by a camera.

Thank you, Ricky Gervais. Thank you, BBC. Thank you, Steve Carell. Thank you, NBC.

Friday, May 3, 2013

People Change.

That moment when one of your best friends gets a boyfriend/girlfriend and... doesn't tell you about it.

Why do people do that?

It seriously bothers me.

I can't even count how many times this has happened to me.

And it hurts me.


The ONE thing I made sure not to do when I got a boyfriend was disappear from my friend's lives.

I still make sure I do this, actually. Because I don't want to alienate them if I ever lose my amazing boyfriend.

Anyway, when my friends get a boyfriend/girlfriend, it hurts when they don't tell me.

It hurts even more when you used to be in love with that person and you're actually really happy that they found someone to be with.

People change.

People get a boyfriend/girlfriend and they become consumed with them so much that they, apparently, can't even send a text message.

That annoys me.

That hurts me.

People don't just change. People always leave.

I should really know this by now.