Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Jungle Lunchroom

So today I decided to get cafeteria lunch and sit in the cafeteria.

Wow. I forgot the lunchroom was this....immature? It's rushing season [for sororities and frats] and they are EVERYWHERE. Prissy girls, annoying boys and lots of greek letters.

Don't get me wrong. I understand the need for sisterhood/brotherhood, but I have two sisters, a loving fandom community, and a brilliant Nerdfighteria life. I wouldn't change that for the WORLD.

In high school i didn't MIND the cafeteria. I like it a lot. I got to sit with my friends, eat, study, and could go out whenever I wanted. Whether it was home or to get pizza, or run a quick errand. I loved my lunch. Here is another story. I get my food and look for a place to eat and I one. it's rare that i see someone i know and even if i do, its because we were hanging out anyways.

We've matriculated [8pt word ftw!] and nothing has changed. There's still cliques, there's still social and racial stereotypes, there's still the jerk in the corner making South Park impersonations because if he doesn't he'll probably be humiliated later tonight, and there's still people like me. The outcasts who don't belong. I'm not sitting at a tabel alone, but we're not conversing anyways. I tried, really I did, she looked niced. and I love her headband, but come one, I'll never see her again.

One difference is that there's a baby in here who's ADORABLE. I love babies [hint, hint my soon-to-be-married friends Kendra, Linds, Bailey. Not that you should be getting preggos any time soon but I LOVE KIDS. I will take them for a week so you can go to Hawaii. HONEST. I will come play with them all day so you can write. I love them. A lot.].

This blog doesn't really have a point except for the fact that...well....I wanted to write what I was observing.

Today is awesome because.....there are marines here recruiting. They're pretty.
I'm listening to....Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me from Rocky Horror. (What? COME ON. I like this song.)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spirit Day 2010 - Why I Support

Most of you probably don't know this, but I'm a gay rights activist. I wrote my senior thesis on gay marriage and actually went down to DC to talk to some politicians and the APA about it.

I was also bullied all throughout grammar, middle, and high school. It wasn't because I was gay, but because I was a little naive and a bit of a nerd.

One day in eighth grade, my best friends played a really mean joke on me.

From here, it all went downhill. I didn't want to be at school anymore. I didn't know who I could trust, and I had four friends and I didn't even know if they cared about me, or just took me back in because they pitied me [they did care about me. a lot.]

I ended up trusting a few girls online who "accidentally" im'ed me one day when they "messed up their friend's screen name." These girls ended up being my best friends in disguise to spy on me [to this day I don't know if it was because they really did care about me or if they just wanted to continue to make fun of me irl]. I told these girls how unhappy I was at my school and that I was considering killing myself.

I was very depressed and did consider suicide. It was a scary time and I hated feeling that way.

Well, one of the girls got so scared that she went to our guidance counselor and told her that I was suicidal. I was called down, interviewed, my parents were called - it was a big deal. When I found out who told, I wasn't touched. I was hurt more. She had decieved me again and I didn't want to be around her or anyone else anymore. I fell more into a depression and learned to keep my suicidal thoughts to myself.

Two months later, I started feeling better. I found RENT and Jonathan Larson's message made me believe that I was alive for a reason and I needed to find that reason.

I continued to be bullied, but I didn't let it effect me. I had started writing a lot to get out my feelings and I knew that I would be more successful than all of them one day. They peeked in high school - I was going to peek in real life.

Senior year, I really started to stand up for myself and those who couldn't speak out. I began participating in National Day of Silence and being pro-gay and a gay activist. At the end of senior year I discovered I was a nerdfighter and that I really was made of awesome and no one could tell me different. I had finally found a place where I belonged.

So it will get better. It did for me and it gets better everyday. Those feelings of lonelyness suck, but you just have to find something that makes you happy.

It will get better.

Today is awesome because I love wearing purple.
I'm listening to.... Life Support from RENT.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

American Eagle: In Review - The Military Skirt

On Tuesday OR Thursday of every week, I will be posting a review blog.

But this won't be your ordinary review.

This is a review of clothing.

My wonderful amazing friend, Bailey, does an AE: What to Wear blog post every Wednesday, and this is where I got my inspiration.

So, since this is the first review post, we'll do some back story.

Why am I a good person to review American Eagle clothing?

Because I'm just like you, my readers. I'm of average height and weight, and I'm working on a budget. I rarely make my mother pay for my clothing, because most of it is my purchase, not a need purchase.

I'm here to give you guys the facts when it comes to whatever I have recently purchased. American Eagle is not paying me or giving me free clothes, these are my purchases.

I've been an American Eagle customer for about 5-6 years now and I have loved every minute of it. I have purchased so much clothing that about 3-4 times a week I can be wearing all American Eagle [down to my undergarments thanks to the wonderful Aerie].

SO: This week in review, we have, The Military Skirt. I bought this skirt on a whim, and when I found it was called the Military Skirt, I pretty much had to buy it. It was on the sale rack and my size so i figured it HAD to be a sign.

I tried it on and it fit. It was a great fit. I would have loved to try on a smaller size, but I didn't want to risk it. I needed to buy this skirt.

So I did.

And wore it the next day. I paired with black tights and a black vneck shirt and converses and my jean jacket. Oh, and a headband with a green bow. I was full on Military Look.

and I LOVED this skirt. It was short, but not too short and not too long. It was comfortable. and its versatile. I know I'll be able to wear it in the spring and summer, but I can also wear it this fall and winter with leggings [which I just purchased - buy one get one 50% off]. It's military green color goes with a lot of colors for shirts, dark, bright, sweaters, tees, sweatshirts, you name it - it goes. I know this because I also own the Flight Skirt. It's the same color and I have worn it with leggings and black tights and on its own and with nude tights. It's brilliant. If you own the Flight Skirt, you will know how awesome it is.*

So, since I was so happy with the Flight Skirt, I bought the Military Skirt. and not just because it's called the Military Skirt.**

Anyway, back to the review. When I said it was short, but not too short, I mean it. I don't know how AE did it. It's called a mini skirt, but it's really not. I read somewhere, and I could have swore it was on AE's website, that "it's a mini skirt without feeling like a mini skirt." That description could not be truer. I'm not a fan of the mini skirt, but I am a fan of the skirt. I don't like them super short because I hate my thighs. Sometimes I feel like the Flight skirt is a little too short, but not the Military skirt. It was the perfect length.

and you can wear it ANYWHERE. I wore it to work [illegally, but with leggings and it was a slow day], I wore it to class, and I would wear it to the club. I don't know if I would wear it to my internship, but I would wear it after, you know, when you're hanging out with your friends at a bar or the bowling alley or Starbucks.

It's beyond fantastic and you should buy it before it sells out.

It's still available online and it's ON SALE. If you can find it in the store, bless you, but my store does not have a good sale section. This is why I normally shop online.

If you any other questions about the skirt, feel free to ask. Obviously I'm new to the whole review thing and new to the whole review clothing thing, so I'll get better when I know what you're looking for.

Today is AWESOME because....this post is FINALLY getting up. Yay, me!
I'm listening to.....Hey Molly, by Mike Lombardo, from Songs for a New Day. [Click the title to listen]

*Its got these side zipper pockets that fit my phone, my id, and money and i didn't need to carry a purse at ALL when wearing this skirt out. Plus, I could wear heels, cons or boots and i still looked good at the club. LOVE THIS SKIRT.
**if you follow me on twitter, you'll know my new fascination with the military.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Welcome! to a Whole New World

I've written blogs in the past, for years even, and none of them have ever been successful. I'll get 10 or 15 followers and then the blog dies. I stop writing or people just don't care about Macon [who I will NEVER talk about here, honest], except for Macon himself, or they lose interest in my life.

Since I'm taking a blogging and journalism class, I've kinda learned how to write a successful blog. and gossiping in every post does not make a successful blog.

So here it is: my attempt to write a successful blog.

I'm not promising that I'll write every day. I'm not promising that I'll post the same kind of post every week - as senior in college who has an internship and a part time job and commutes to school, nyc, and work, I don't have time or the energy to commit myself to promising you that.

I will promise you certain things though. I promise you that you'll laugh. I promise that I will be reviewing American Eagle clothing [sort of in conjunction with Bailey's AE: What to Wear posts but maybe not. This is to be decided on a weekly basis]. I promise that I will post advice blogs as often as YOU want [meaning, give me questions about anything, including boys, and I will answer you]. I promise I will be talking about books, mostly YA.

and I promise to promote and spam the hell out of Figment because I work for them and adore them to pieces. So if you're not already signed up for the Beta, go do so now. Honestly, you'll regret it if you don't. We're going to ComiCon this weekend, and even though I'm missing the HP cosplay on Saturday, I'm still freaking out and will be blogging about it.

The most important thing that I promise is that I WILL be talking about my life, because it's what I do to coap with it. I'm dealing with being and living in America when I am hopelessly in love with Great Britain/UK and England.

So, welcome. Please leave comments.

Today is awesome [I post this at the end of EVERY post] because I'm going to NYC to see Jason Munday, Mike Lombardo, and ALL CAPS tonight.