Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter = Doctor

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved Easter. Christmas is cool, Thanksgiving is alright, but Easter? Easter is awesome.

I loved being able to wear my dress to church and my hat and get lots and lots of candy. It was the ultimate holiday.

Until 2005.

Before Easter in 2005, we all went shopping for new church clothes. It was great because my mom finally caved and let me get pants instead of skirts/dresses [I was in a weird phase]. On Palm Sunday, we were having coffee after service and the pastor came in to announce the Adult Sunday school session, which was on adultery. He made a joke about how "we know all about it" and a few people laughed.

My mother, who is quite liberal, but does not condone adultery, was very annoyed. That was it. She had enough.

After Easter, she was doing going to church. If we, me and my sisters, wanted to go, we could.

We all stopped going.

I was already losing my faith in Christianity and starting to lean towards Judaism.

Easter then just became... annoying? We would have to go to church, and deal with dressing up and Grandparents.

Last year, I was in PARIS for Easter. It was awesome. I even went to church and lit a candle for my cousin, who dreamed of Paris.

Last year, Easter meant more than just a holiday I don't believe in. It meant DOCTOR WHO. I had been watching an episode a day leading up to the premiere of season 5 and the NEW Doctor. I was so excited.

This year, it meant Doctor Who AGAIN, which is the real reason for this post.

Last night was AWESOME. The Impossible Astronaut is yet to be solved, but I can't wait.

That's what I love about this show, from one episode to the next, I can't wait. I'm addicted to knowing what's going to come next in his story.

I can tell you that I am NOT happy that Moffat decided to do a two-parter as the premiere. I think that was a mistake. It's a great technique for all the new American watchers, but still. What about all your loyal watchers in England?

It was a great episode, but is it Saturday yet?

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