Saturday, April 7, 2012

BEDA7: Take the Leap

Tonight, I saw LEAP OF FAITH on Broadway.

Even though I am kinda BROKE and shouldn't have gone to see this, I am SO FREAKING HAPPY I did. I will list these reasons now.

1. I saw it in previews, a first. I also fell in love, so now I have ITS ENTIRE RUN to go back and see it. I really would love to get back before June, but even after that, I'll have the summer. Even if Raul is out one night, I get Louis. I will be seeing this again.

2. On that topic: RAUL ESPARZA. Besides the fact that I never pronounce his last name correctly, I adore this man to high heavens. I am celebrating 9 years of being a Broadway Baby and I have been listening to his voice for most of that 9 years. This man was in RHPS, Company, Tick, Tick...BOOM!, and so much more. His voice is heavenly. It's strong and stable and there's no doubt that he'll be nominated for a Tony. Since he's playing a preacher, it's only fitting how much he makes you BELIEVE. He's got a star's stage presence without (really) being a star. He commands everyone's attention from the first note to the last and wows all the fangirls and boys afterwards.

Oh, and when I brought up TTB, he told me how much the show changed his life. The greatest gift an actor can give a Broadway Baby is an actual conversation. Thank you, Raul, for that experience.

3. The rest of the cast. To list all the amazing cast members would be annoying. Especially since most of you will not know who they are. But let me tell you, these cast members KICK ASS. They are so fully of energy and life and love what they're doing in the St. James every night. A true telling of how amazing the cast is is what happens AFTER the show. Do they come out? Do they talk to you? Do they take pictures? Yes, yes, yes and SO much more. This cast LOVED greeting us and signing our playbills. This could be a perk of previews, but I doubt that. We loved them and they gave us love right back. My whole playbill is FULL. About as full as it's been since HAIR. Which is a helluva lot.

4. The story. While the story wasn't as great as some of the shows I've seen in the past year, Broadway isn't about getting deep [at least, not Irving Berlin's]. The story was simple, easy to follow, and had great music. That makes a great Broadway show. Romance, AMAZING choreography, and a star I could not stop staring at. That is enough reason for me to go.

5. Again, speaking of choreography, if this show doesn't get nominated, if not WIN that Tony, I will hurt someone. The steps were not only intricate, but INTENSE. These dancers, including Raul, put 140% into this show. I threw a fit when Legally Blonde didn't win Best Choreography, and I will throw another one if LoF doesn't win. Besides having Nice Work as competition, this show should get it.*

As of right now, that's all the reasons I can think of about why this show is amazing and deserves nominations and Tonys. I know this show will last throughout the summer, if not the year. Once people hear about this, well, they'll take the leap, too.

*And Godspell and JCS, too.

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