Monday, May 20, 2013

3 Months... and Counting

Last week, my boyfriend and I hit three months of being together. 

The weekend marked four months since he first kissed me. 

I have only been with someone for three months once before E. And that relationship ended shortly ended after the three month mark. This is the longest I have ever been with the same person. 

Basically, I'm seriously heading into new territory. 

That first relationship, which lasted three and half months, was childish and high school. While I loved it, it was very frustrating to be with that person, even though I adored him and he cared for me greatly. He was my hero when I needed him and I am grateful for that. I may not be alive today without him in my life then. In the end, we were better friends and we still are friends. 

That was five and a half years ago. 

I've changed a lot since that relationship. I've grown up, experienced a lot of things and dated more people than I'd like to admit. 

Since that relationship, my love life was either non-existant, or I was dating, but no one wanted to settle into a relationship with me. 

Three years ago, I thought I found it - my person, "the one." He was the first person to date me who automatically accepted me for who I was. In fact, he loved that I was nerdy - and he told me this frequently. I was in new territory with him, and I loved every minute of it. Never before had someone adored me, cared for me, and protected me like he did. It was a perfect English boy/American girl romance. Unfortunately, leaving England was a deal breaker. We parted ways and... I wish we hadn't. To this day, he does not even talk to me. 

Late Summer of 2011, we did reconnect and picked up where we left off - 3,500 miles apart. Not only did we pick up, but we got deep, and fast. I thought, again, that I was going to spend the rest of my life with him. 

The first time we were together, it was only for six weeks. The second time was a little longer, two and a half months, but I just knew. He was still it for me. 

Then he broke my heart. 

He broke my heart so much that I stopped believing in love. I grew to accept that I was destined to be alone forever, and I was okay with that. 

I was okay with that for a while, but loneliness happens. 

Just as I was starting to get back into dating, I met my E. 

Basically, I'm one of the luckiest girls in the world. He's accepted me for who I am, fangirl, slightly insane person and all. 

Now that we've hit three months, we're getting into territory I've never hit before. My English boy and I skipped everything that I'm experiencing with E. I feel so lucky because he works WITH me on everything that happens in our relationship. I haven't just found someone to adore and care about, but I've found a partner. 

When I was getting lonely, I told my friends that I didn't just want a boyfriend, I wanted a companion. I've found this with E. I've found someone to watch TV with and go out to dinner with. I've found someone I can talk to about anything. He lives locally, which is something I've always had an issue with. My more serious dating ex's were always long distance. Again, new territory. I love that I get to see E twice a week. I love that I *could* see him every day if I wanted to. I love that I can [and do] text him whenever I want, about whatever I want. 

Not gonna lie, I love texting him the RANDOMEST things I can think of. And he's still with me. 

I swear, I'm borderline psycho, but he's gotta be borderline psycho as well to deal with me. 

He doesn't just deal with me, he's dealt with me, willingly, for the past FOUR months. 

I am seriously the luckiest girl in the world to have him. 

I'm excited [and let's face it, terrified] to experience the next chapter in our relationship. I know as we hit certain milestones, he'll be there for me, working with me to develop this relationship. I don't think I've ever been this happy in my life. 

It's truly an amazing thing to have a partner. Truly, truly amazing. 

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