Monday, February 27, 2012

February 23, 2012: Made of Awesome

Everyone has good days and bad days, right? Right.

John and Hank and the other leaders of nerdfighteria have taught us that it is possible (and that we should) find the awesome in each and every day. Because every day that we are alive is awesome. Yet, some days are less awesome than other days. And some days are just truly made of awesome.

Last Thursday was truly made of awesome.

Now, I was expecting it to be a good day because I had a lunch date with a cute boy. But as each minute passed, it became more and more awesome.

I woke up at 8ish, planning to go to yoga at 9. Normally, I just SAY I'm going to do this and don't. Then, as I entered consciousness, I wanted to get up and go to yoga. I loved yoga. and I was paying $100 this month to go. I was going.

It is a miracle to get me up before 9. Not only was I up, my bed was made and I was dressed. I was off to yoga by 9:05 and had a great class! I held both tree pose sets and started to transition into the next step in the tree pose [which is folding over and sitting in it one-legged. I began to fold over]. Good class! Yay!

Now I knew I would only have an hour and a half to shower, change, blow dry my hair and do other random things (like put my dirty laundry in the basement). Somehow, I did all this and was still TEN MINUTES early. This never happens. Well, in those ten minutes I was waiting for Cute Boy to show up, I checked my phone.

I had a text from my long-term best friend who shares my book loving obsession among other obsessions. Well, she found out that JOHN GREEN was going to not only BE at BEA, but be speaking at the CHILDREN'S BREAKFAST WITH LOIS LOWRY.

Let the Happy Dancing begin!

I then hit my twitter app to tweet this. How could I not? I tweeted it and began to read some of the most recent tweets, once of which was Alex Carpenter saying he was going to be writing a song about JKR's new book.



Now I'm freaking out. I confirm that yes, JKR is writing a new book, but it will be entirely different from the Harry Potter series. WHO THE HELL CARES. I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS SINCE 2007!

Hyperventalation begins.

On that note, Cute Boy pulls up to my house. Perfect. He's going to think I'm a freak.

Well, I calm down enough to go see him and we go out to lunch. Which was yummy. I am excluding all other details. Except that I smiled a lot for the rest of the day due to the event of lunch.

After lunch, we hung out a bit, but then Cute Boy went home to do work. Sadd. But still. I now had enough time to chill before work. So I watched Downton Abbey because John Green said so.

Oh, my life.

Then work was quiet, I was with a few favourite coworkers, I got to be in fitting room, which I love and got let out early. GOOD NIGHT.

Oh, and I got tacos for dinner. 'Nuff said.

Then I came home and watched more Downton Abbey and texted with Cute Boy and am now thoroughly obsessed with Downton Abbey.  I've been watching it all weekend. Amazingness. But who doubts John Green?

There are very few days that just leave me in a bundle of joy. It felt SO GOOD to just have a made-of-awesome day when I haven't had a made-of-awesome day since early December. And even before that, I can't remember when a day was so awesome from morning to sleep.

Today is made of awesome because I put french vanilla creamer in my earl grey tea and it was YUMMY.

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