Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Jungle Lunchroom

So today I decided to get cafeteria lunch and sit in the cafeteria.

Wow. I forgot the lunchroom was this....immature? It's rushing season [for sororities and frats] and they are EVERYWHERE. Prissy girls, annoying boys and lots of greek letters.

Don't get me wrong. I understand the need for sisterhood/brotherhood, but I have two sisters, a loving fandom community, and a brilliant Nerdfighteria life. I wouldn't change that for the WORLD.

In high school i didn't MIND the cafeteria. I like it a lot. I got to sit with my friends, eat, study, and could go out whenever I wanted. Whether it was home or to get pizza, or run a quick errand. I loved my lunch. Here is another story. I get my food and look for a place to eat and I one. it's rare that i see someone i know and even if i do, its because we were hanging out anyways.

We've matriculated [8pt word ftw!] and nothing has changed. There's still cliques, there's still social and racial stereotypes, there's still the jerk in the corner making South Park impersonations because if he doesn't he'll probably be humiliated later tonight, and there's still people like me. The outcasts who don't belong. I'm not sitting at a tabel alone, but we're not conversing anyways. I tried, really I did, she looked niced. and I love her headband, but come one, I'll never see her again.

One difference is that there's a baby in here who's ADORABLE. I love babies [hint, hint my soon-to-be-married friends Kendra, Linds, Bailey. Not that you should be getting preggos any time soon but I LOVE KIDS. I will take them for a week so you can go to Hawaii. HONEST. I will come play with them all day so you can write. I love them. A lot.].

This blog doesn't really have a point except for the fact that...well....I wanted to write what I was observing.

Today is awesome because.....there are marines here recruiting. They're pretty.
I'm listening to....Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me from Rocky Horror. (What? COME ON. I like this song.)

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  1. my lunchroom is the same way, though it's always hard to find a seat because 90% of the people in there are just sitting there goofing around and not actually eating. bugs me.
    out of all the people that i know that go to my school, i never see anyone. i can go a whole day without talking to anyone. it's pathetic.
    i love that song!