Sunday, October 2, 2011

REVIEW TIME!: Dunkin' Donuts's New Apple Cider

I hate fall.


But I do look forward to one thing when fall comes: hot apple cider.

You can pretty much only get the good stuff from family farms when your family goes apple/pumpkin picking. I looked forward to this day every single year. I hated apple picking, but it was all okay when i got that hot apple cider in my hand.

So when Dunkin Donuts started advertising that they had a new apple cider, offered hot and iced, I was worried.

I shouldn't have been though. Dunkin makes some of the best coffee. Dunkin makes my other beloved fall treat: the pumpkin muffin. Dunkin makes bagel twists [to which ONLY the cinnamon raisin should be bought and consumed].

Yet again, Dunkin has made a lot of errors, too. Cheese bagel twists? No. Just... no. And their bagels? No. Again, just... no.

But I had to try it. I had to. As a frequent Dunkin customer and lover of apple cider, I had to.

Yesterday was very warm for the end of September. I didn't feel like something hot. Okay. I'll do it. I'll try the iced apple cider. Which should be just apple juice, no?

NO. It was not just apple juice, it was apple cider, but COLD. I can't explain it. I took the first sip and I felt warm all over, yet my drink was cold. It had all the right spices and flavor that I love in apple cider. As I continued to drink it, it just got better. The ice was melting in my apple cider, diluting the initial sweetness to perfection.

I HIGHLY recommend trying out this drink. HIGHLY. It's great for that warm fall day.

And as for the hot? Well, I made the mistake of going into a Dunkin that kind of sucks. In result, my hot apple cider also kind of sucks. But I have faith. I plan to buy it again one fall morning with my pumpkin muffin at MY Dunkin and thoroughly enjoy it.

I don't know how to make apple cider, so all the flavours are a mystery to me. I taste that fantastic homemade apple cider taste, though. It tastes naturally sweetened, not artificially. The cinnimon and nutmeg is subtle, but there. It's a great drink, and if you enjoy apple cider, you'll enjoy Dunkin's version.

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